Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Ori Smoke Barbeque Bistro… “Savour our true modern ORIginal Korean smoke barberque delicacy”

Like Korean food? Yes for sure this time will Outzlover ngebahas one cozy Korean restaurant and a fitting place for a hangout with my family ... hmmm .... Roughly where the restaurant will be discussed this time huh? It is rather confused the heck are so many Korean restaurants that offer tasty menu and provide a hangout spot TOP ...

Eittzzz ... not Outzlover's name if you can not give us the best choice and a cool hangout place ... so .... If the Korean restaurant in the mix with processed meat duck (duck)??? Well .... This is the first time in Indonesia ... so of course there's only at The Ori Smoke Barbeque Bistro which serves a variety of Korean dishes mix with soft duck meat while accompanied by the atmosphere and the atmosphere very cozy and romantic ... more curious???? Now .. Let's check the special menus ...

For special and very special any one menu of processed meat of Smoke Specialties Ori Duck special really ... this is one menu barbeque famous in Korea ... cos this menu is presented with Yetgol Tosung's original unique cooking method, where the dish BBQnya done by induction without the use of charcoal or what ... thant's so cool ... not only how to cook but the taste of the unique Ori Smoke Duck Specialties great bangettttt .... Because ... soft duck meat served with Gojuchang Cream, Meun Crush, Porto Wine Sauce, Honey Mustard plus comes with Ssamjang, Chamgirumjang (mushrooms), Orange Beurre Blanc (sweet potato), and if eaten Yetgol Tosung ... complete with a mixture of spices and various toppings that is PERFECT ... great ... really ... (so favotite Outzlover choice loh)

Smoke Duck Specialties Ori Rp 150.000

No other menu is no less tasty Jjim Andong, Andong style smoked duck and steamed vegetables with sweet soy sauce. The combination of tender duck meat with onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes and dangmyeon (glass noodles) dimix with a creamy sauce of sweet and savory plus do not miss the yummy sesame aburan really ...
Andong Jjim Rp 140,000

Korea also has a menu that is special rice Smoke bibimbap, a mix of fresh begetables Rice with seasoned beef with chilli and pepper paste that is certainly ngenyangin your stomach ...
Smoke Bibimbap Rp 85,000

Or would nyobain Korean style noodle one there Bibim Momil Guksu, this menu is Buckwheat noodle with seasoned beef with fresh chilli begetables and pepper paste. Matter of taste not much different from Smoke Bibimbap ...

 Bibim Momil Guksu Rp 58,000

For drinks you must try of course the typical Korean beverage Dunggule Tea, one of the very typical Korean tea and drink right one to accompany all kinds of dishes from the Ori Smoke Barbeque Bistro ... sooo .... From the curious ... just try all the recommended special menu of Outzover ...
 Dunggule Tea Rp 25,000
So ... according to the assessment Outzlover The Ori Smoke Barbeque Bistro is ..... 9 out of 10 .... awesome!!!!!!!!! .... Taste, service, place and atmosphere is not is second to none .... PERFECT ....

The Ori Smoke Barbeque Bistro
Lotte Shopping Avenue 3 rd  Floor Unit 8
Jln. Prof. Dr.. Karet Kuningan Kav 3-5 satrio
South Jakarta
Tel: (021) 29 88 93 98 / (021) 29 88 93 99

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